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Design Thinking is an innovation methodology that enables creative confidence in designing solutions to large problems in your companies, organizations and/or individual lives. Creative confidence comes from consistent practice using a human centered design approach to solve problems; we like to call design challenges. The workshop is centered on a design challenge that enables you to not only hear about the design thinking process, but also experience it for yourself. Join Robb Schiller and Croy Bosch from Yorco to learn how to apply the design thinking methodology to solve your design challenges.
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Ryan Dodds

Sales and Operations
Teachers: Robb Schiller and Croy Bosch, Co-Founders in the Orlando based startup Yorco, a subscription based social productivity app suite with a desire to empower ideas and the people who have them.

Robb is a designer, thinker and dreamer each in a more non-traditional sense. He is fascinated by the convergence of entrepreneurship, design and social innovation.

Croy is an entrepreneur, passionate about designing incredible experiences. With experience in management and leadership development he continues to enjoy the human centered approach to design thinking and socially responsible business.

Robb and Croy attended the ( at Stanford University for an Executive Education Class in Design Thinking this past spring. Both have thoroughly enjoyed implementing the Design Thinking process into their current venture, Yorco, as well as every other design challenge they can get their hands on. They're both almost as passionate about teaching and sharing as they are about whiteboards and problem solving - This is a good thing"
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