Deliver a TED-worthy speech or pitch with neuroscience.

, Co-Founder & CEO of LexSpot

'According to most studies, people's Number 1 fear is public speaking. Number 2 is death. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.' -Jerry Seinfeld.

Do you know what mirror-neurons are? How about the pre-frontal cortex? Truth is, a basic understanding of how people think can make your public speaking much better.

This class is designed to give you tools and tips for overcoming your fears and connecting with a large audience. You'll get tips on structuring and delivering your speeches.

You will leave feeling confident about the skills that you have right now and armed with ideas for how to improve upon what you have.

  • Deliver a TED-worthy speech or pitch with neuroscience.


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Chris Shaw

Co-Founder & CEO of LexSpot

I was a nationally ranked college debater (#1 regular season and final four finish), debate coach and speech instructor. I've given hundreds of talks on everything from pop culture to foreign policy. I give technology-related talks to non-techies now (hard to cull down complicated stuff to laypeople) and I just generally love the psychology and physicality that goes into presentations.

I've practiced as a trial attorney and I'm currently building LexSpot, a startup company devoted to making the law less frustrating for clients and lawyers.

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