De-Clutter Your Life to Attract Love, Harmony & Success

, Michele Pauker LLC

Do you feel frustrated with your body, your love relationships or the clutter in your home? Clutter robs us of vital energy, clouds our thinking, and  hinders our ability to achieve what we want. Join 3 experts who will show you how to:

Revitalize Your Body:

  Discover the secrets to a Fit & Fabulous body without starving yourself, painful 5am workouts or perpetually feeling guilty for your food choices

  Avoid the 3pm crash and have a constant flow of energy throughout the day

  Learn how to trust your body instead of fighting it so you can feel a sense of total joy in your body and your skin

 Heal Your Heart:

  Release the ties that are holding you back from attracting a new partner, loving again, and/or being in your power

  Fall in love with the one person who is always available

   Liberate your heart so that you can feel more alive, sensual and manifest more of what you want

Organize Yourself and Home:

  Find what you need quickly so you can get more down in less time

  Look your best without the stress

  Create a peaceful sanctuary for to allow for more ease and harmony in your life


  • De-Clutter Your Life to Attract Love, Harmony & Success


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Michele Pauker

Michele Pauker LLC


Michele Pauker is a Certified Health Coach who helps busy professionals who want to DO IT ALL create abundant energy so they can bounce out of bed in the morning, turn heads all day long, and still have time for a yoga class ... without EVER dieting again.

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