Create Your Ultimate Life Vision

, Professional Certified Coach

Who is this workshop for?         

This hands-on and highly interactive workshop is for women who are ready to take action and create their ultimate life vision. 

What will I learn?              

You will leave this class with a clear baseline of where you currently are in the major areas of life (relationships, finance, career/business, fun/recreation, personal/spiritual growth, well being and more). You will obtain the tools and hands-on experience to design and set an intension vision for each of those areas – unlimited by life setbacks from the past. You will learn and apply mind mapping and visioning techniques to translate your vision into a specific set of goals to reach in the next 1,3 and 5 years. You will identify specific actions you need to take to close the gap between your vision and current reality.

How is this workshop taught?               

This workshop is grounded in a philosophy of learning by doing and sharing with each other. Each woman will complete a project of creating her ultimate life vision and will benefit from each another’s feedback, accountability and encouragement. After the workshop is over, they will continue update each another on the progress they make towards achieving their vision and unstick any one who might have gotten stuck. As they take small steps, these incredible women create results that are recognized, acknowledged and celebrated.

 Why should I take this workshop?       

You will examine what you really want from the grand perspective of all major areas of your life – health, finance, career/business, relationships, spirituality and more. Do you want your life to be different? You will get clarity on the way you want it to be. Do you wonder what you should change? How? When? You will identify and set specific action steps to make those changes. Do you want to connect with other personal-growth minded women? You will create meaningful connections and benefit from the peer support, encouragement and accountability system. Imagine creating your ultimate life vision that will enable you to live the best life possible. Imagine the clarity, confidence and excitement that comes with knowing what your life vision is and beginning to live it.

 What should I bring?

You will receive a 60-page workbook via email after you register. You should either bring a printed copy of the workbook or your laptop with a downloaded e-version of this workbook.  You will be provided with large sheets of paper for mindmapping exercises.

  • Create Your Ultimate Life Vision


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Polina Solda

Professional Certified Coach

Polina Solda is recognized as a Dating & Relationship expert by the coaching industry. She is the author of two books on how to be successful in dating and founder of Find Love and Keep It. Polina created a proven-to-work formula for single women that helps them achieve immediate and lasting results in their love life and beyond.

Going through a roller coaster of being single, married, divorced, dating a lot and being happily married now, Polina genuinely understands what it is like to go through things that her clients are dealing with.

Polina has developed and leads result-driven programs based on her formula, such as “5 Weeks to Dating a Quality Man,” “6 Months to Creating a Dream Relationship” and more. These programs have been helping single women all around the world become more confident, date quality men, fall in love and create a loving and committed relationship that lasts forever. Her clients walk away not only with sustainable results that they wanted to achieve, but also with the mindset, skills and actionable strategies that serve them for the rest of their lives.

Polina has been professionally trained and certified at Coach U (, earned her Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Feder- ation ( and certified as Extraordinary Coach and Rapid Results Coach (http://

According to some of her coaching clients, “Polina Solda is the undisputed expert on how to date with a S.M.I.L.E. all the way till you find the right guy!!”

One of her clients, Cara, a 36-year old lawyer, says that “Polina helped me get clarity and toss the belief that I was becoming old and undesirable. And indeed,   I found myself being chased by nice eligible men left and right. I’m now in a relationship with a man who absolutely adores me-he puts me first and loves me unconditionally. It feels wonderful to love and be loved!

Another client, Erin, a 41-year old project manager, says that Just a few shifts in my attitude towards men and getting out of my comfort zone allowed me to easily and naturally date and actually enjoy it. Shortly after I discovered Polina’s program, I met someone who cares about me and talks about future together. I feel happier, more confident and secure now!”


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