Create Your Life Goal: The Ambitious Person's Guide to the Future

, Productivity Coach

In my experience as a coach, there are three basic problems people fall into in terms of a long-term goal:

  • They never choose a goal and live in a passive but uncomfortable drift from small goal to small goal
  • They commit to a goal that doesn't actually matter to them, perhaps accepting a parent or friend's goals as their own
  • They beat themselves up in search of the absolutely perfect goal and beat themselves up in pursuit of it

You will walk away from this discussion-based workshop with much greater focus on your personal goals. My approach is to help people clarify their values and craft vision and mission statements (they're different, and I think you need both). With these in hand, we will talk about how to pursue your goals purposefully but without perfectionism.

  • Create Your Life Goal: The Ambitious Person's Guide to the Future


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Randal Vegter

Productivity Coach

Coach, class designer, and teacher in productivity psychology. I work (happily) at JetBlue by day but would like to branch out to other ambitious people. In addition to Jetblue, I have worked with Martha Stewart Omnimedia, MetLife, and Liz Claiborne. I received my BA from Columbia University and then my MA from Columbia’s Teachers College in “Cognitive Studies in Education,” concentrating in "Training and Performance in the Workplace."

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