Create Rapport & Charisma - Communication Beyond Words

Do You Want to Connect More Deeply?

Have Better Relationships?

Are You Tired of Being a Wall-flower, Boring, Misunderstood?

Think of the people that have great charisma and rapport, folks that you admire, that you want to be like. Is it what they say that is important or something else, something that goes beyond words?

Some studies show that over 80% of our communication is non-verbal, beyond the words we use to express ourselves. And that this non-verbal communication is happening all the time, outside most people's conscious awareness. Too often the things we want to hide or don't want to say, come out in our body language.

You can learn to align mind and body, to communication more effectively. to express yourself more clearly and to understand others much more profoundly.

And You Can Learn to Make Your Life Dramatically Different!
The techniques we are going to teach you are easy to learn, fun to practice and work like a charm once you know them!

Come Join Us!

Learn How to:

  • Step into a room & connect with people, to attract attention in a positive way
  • Be confident & calm when meeting someone for the 1st time
  • Connect with someone comfortably through your gaze
  • Generate enthusiasm one-on-one or with crowds
  • Make people feel as if you have always known each other
  • Express yourself clearly, powerfully & convincingly

The exercises and training will use knowledge from East and West, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), non-verbal communication and other sources.

You will begin to appreciate and enhance the skills you already have and learn some new things to take out into the world with you.

  • Read Body Language
  • Improve Emotional Connections
  • Surprise others with your intuition about them
  • Generate Excitement In Yourself & In Others
  • Get the Sale, the Job, the Date, You Want!

Improve and enhance your non-verbal and energetic skills for better relationships, more success in business and life. You will begin to appreciate and enhance the skills you already have and learn new things to take out into the world with you.

Make this Your Year to Take Charge of Your Life!

Declare Yourself! And Take the first step and join this evening for this fun-filled, empowering event and finally achieve your social goals

Live -This event include cutting edge ideas and techniques and real world examples to help you let go of frustration and tension, and to create better balance between work and home. You will see live demonstrations, gain hands-on skills and practice everything you've learned. And you'll have an interactive conversation and lessons about how these methodologies can benefit and improve your ability to change and become a better, more productive you.

In Control - All exercises experiences are optional and voluntary.

With Quality -This workshop is your best opportunity to work with an experienced communicator and get a taste of how hypnosis and other tools for personal change will help you achieve your goals. This will be absolutely the most least expensive and highest quality opportunity to learn how these skills can improve and benefit your life.

Visit my website to learn about Frequently Asked Questions

*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is often called the study of subjective reality, how each individual uniquely experiences, processes and communicates with the world around them.  Once an individual's patterns are modeled, he tools of NLP are highly effective in creating change.

Come Join Us!

Joel Elfman is a Hypnotist, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer with over 12 years of experience. He has taught NLP and Hypnosis in over 400+ Meetups for thousands of people.

Joel specializes in creating safe spaces for clients to generate lasting change. He helps to transform old problems into new positive habits, beliefs and ways of enjoying life. Areas of focus include losing weight, building confidence, creating reducing stress and social anxiety and quitting smoking.

Joel is also a bodyworker and creator of Body Hypnosis, a simple, powerful and gentle form of massage which allows the client to more fully relax, release and change at their own natural speed and pace. It also can incorporate hypnosis, coaching and somatic awareness to create deeper change. He is also the co-founder of Sharing Wisdom, one of the largest virtual holistic center in NYC.

Contact info:

  • Create Rapport & Charisma - Communication Beyond

    TRS Professional Suites

    40 Exchange Place, 3rd floor
    New York, NY

    Our main focus is to give you the actual experience of a number of different processes, so you can do them for yourself or for others. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the big picture as well as the details, so you will be able to improve and expand upon what you learn in class.

    We'll start with a short set of intros, so we get acquainted, and so the class exercises can be better tailored to help you begin to reach the goals that brought you to this program.

    We'll also explore how small shifts in your experience can create big changes. We'll also do an exercise in creating some amazing states for yourself. And we'll wrap up with a Q&A session to make sure all your questions are answered so you can continue to use these tools effectively in your life.

    Tue, February 5th, 2013

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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