Conquering the Fear and Mastering the Audition

, Founder and CEO at BLFC

The Ultimate Master Performers Workshop
Conquering the Fear and Mastering the Audition
This 4-hour intensive workshop will help you overcome nervousness and defeat fear and panic of speaking in public or in front of the camera. Learn how to control the audition room from the time you enter and leave the casting directors wanting more. This workshop taught by Black and Latino Filmmaker’s Coalition founder and CEO is your first step to a new and success career as an actor. 

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking.
  • Master your on camera presence
  • Learn relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Get a check list of practical do’s and don’ts
  • Learn what casting directors are really looking for


Master Drill: The Audition – Students will participate in a filmed audition using scenes from upcoming indie film projects and also get the chance to play the role of casting director and learn what the other side of the table is really looking for.

Master Drill: The Walk Through ­–  How to choose  the right role, what to and what not to wear, bring and ask. Students will explore every step from walking in the door, to taking a seat and greeting the casting crew.

 Master Technique:  Students practice exercises and breathing techniques that will immediately calm your nerves, unblock your memory and release you from your fear.

Master Critique:  Guest Actor, Director or Casting agent joins the workshop for a Q&A critique of students audition tapes.

Think Thank:  The entire workshop joins in on a collective brainstorming session on post workshop activities to move students acting career forward.


Each student that complete the workshop will get the opportunity to audition upcoming BLFC Film Assist Grant films.

  • Conquering the Fear and Mastering the Audition


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Babatunde Odesanya

Founder and CEO at BLFC

Mr. Odesanya founded and  has success run the Black and Latino Filmmaker's Coalition a not-for-profit film organization that has:

  • has given Indie Filmmaker's over 1,000 screenings.
  • assisted in the production close to 100 film & video projects.
  • has been one of the major forces for the success of Black and Latino indie filmmakers

He has taught and lectured all aspects of film and television production,in front or and behind the camera. He is known for seemlessly transforming any production set into a virtual  classroom . For the past 4 years Mr. Odesanya has taught everyone from grades k -12 to   Collegiate and Postgraduate levels. Many of his students have gone on to achieve great success in the entertainment industry. His technical and creative talents coupled with over 15 years in business had led to the creation of one of the most comprehensive film curriculums for indie filmmakers in the country. 


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