Childhood Vaccines and the Pros & Cons of HPV Vaccination

, Director of VIC at MGH

The Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital presents a lecture from Dr. Mark C. Poznansky, M.D./Ph.D titled, “Childhood Vaccines and the Pros & Cons of HPV Vaccination.”

The class features a 30-45 minute lecture/presentation with a brief summary of the history and public health importance of disease prevention using childhood vaccines including vaccines for Polio, Smallpox, Measles, and Rubella. The second part of the presentation focuses on the pros and cons of HPV vaccination, and examining the benefits and side effects of HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix.

Following directly after the presentation will be a 15 min. Q & A, and a 15 min. discussion on the topic. No prior knowledge of vaccine therapy or immunology is required. All are welcome and this is accessible to the general public and health care workers with an interest in this field.

Dr. Mark Poznansky

Director of VIC at MGH

Mark Poznansky is an immunologist whose areas of interest includes the discovery of novel ways to modulate the immune system in the context of HIV/AIDS, ovarian cancer and Type I diabetes. He completed his residency at Imperial College in London, United Kingdom and his clinical fellowship in the Longwood Combined Program at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, and his research fellowship at the Partners AIDS Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.

He recently founded and directs the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at MGH which sets as its mission the accelerated development the of novel vaccines and immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. 

Vaccination of oncology patients: an effective tool and opportunity not to be missed. 


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