Cheap Dating for the Debonair

, It's nicer to spend time together than money.

Dating is hard enough on the ego, let alone the havoc it can wreck on your wallet. Can you really nurture a new romance when you can barely afford to go out yourself? Isn’t wining and dining part of the show?

Worry no more! In Cheap Dating for the Debonaire, I’ll show you how to make your date feel like a million bucks, when you’ve only got $15 to spend. Attendees will learn how to design a date that:

1. Is FUN, and will put you in a position to get to know your date better;

2. Allows you plenty of time to hang out (plus tips for how to gracefully end a date that’s not going well);

3. Involves some food and/or drink component (because some of us need liquid courage!);

4. Is accessible by public transportation; and

5. Is less than $15 per person, including tax and tip!

Come and learn why the best dates are rarely the most expensive ones, and get tips as to where to find cheap dates on any given day in Philadelphia.

Your $15 class fee includes a beer of your choice, on me, upon arrival (see, it’s a cheap date already!).Feel free bring pen & paper for notes, but I will provide handouts. No laptops, please!

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JS Cheapdater

It's nicer to spend time together than money.
Cheap Dater is a dedicated Philaphile who is determined to expose Philadelphia for the great cheap date city that it is. Favorite activities include: seeing live performances of all kinds, shopping for deals at thrift and flea markets, finding unexpected green space in the city, trying out new restaurants and bars, and finding ways to make a night in just as much fun as a night out.
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