Changing Yourself - Making a plan to build a better you.

, Founder, Okato Labs

Many of us have changes we want to make in our lives. 

Whether it's writing more, waking up earlier, eating better, exercising more regularly or quitting a bad habit, change is hard and it takes time. 

In this class we'll discuss ways to hack your life to make change easier. 

We'll look at the latest theories on behaviour change, we'll talk about real-life examples and we'll work through for each individual relevant strategies for dealing with the obstacles and finding ways to accelerate the change journey. 

We'll check in 1, 2 and 4 weeks after the class to track how many people made progress. 

What To Expect: At the end of this class, you will have learned some new things about what makes change possible in your life. You will have created a rough roadmap for changing something in your life. You will have discussed your plan for making this change stick. 

Who This Is For: Someone who wants to make a change, and is interested in learning new ways to make the change process easier. Who This Is Not For: People who are obsessed with #QS, self-tracking and know BJ Fogg behaviour models off by heart.
  • How To Change Yourself - Strategies for building a better you.


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    30 Minutes: Introductions, Background and Short Lecture about behaviour change philosophies. 

    30 Minutes: Workshopping the change you want to make, identifying the active ingredients to make that change possible, and then setting a plan to to make the change happen. 

    30 Minutes: Q&A to discuss people's plans and strategies moving forward. 

    Using the new Classroom Discussion functionality, we'll check in after 1, 2 and 4 weeks to track your progress. 


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Nick Crocker

Founder, Okato Labs

I'm the founder of Sessions, a personal coaching program to help people live better, more active lives.  I've spoken and written about behaviour change and spent the last decade experimenting with behaviour change methods. This class is the culmination of everything I've learnt in that time, and the experience I've had working with actual people to help them make changes in their lives. 

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