Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

, Director, Project Free World

Here's what one student had to say a few weeks after taking this class:

"The 'lockdown' technique you taught has literally saved me over $2,000 already, and this will only keep increasing throughout the rest of my lifetime. It's so brilliant yet simple, I kick myself for not having thought about it earlier." -Mike S.

Do you want to stop putting off the things you’ve always wanted to do and finally start living in 2013? This is a brand new class for individuals who want to achieve something extraordinary with other intelligent, genuine, compassionate, creative, motivated people.

During this workshop, you will learn the most effective techniques to help you personally create a brand new habit of your choice to begin implementing immediately. Additionally, you will learn how to set up accountability systems to ensure that you continue to follow this new habit until it becomes second nature.

Some of the things you will learn include:

1) What an iPhone battery can teach you about maximizing your willpower

2) A strategy professional athletes use to maintain peak physical fitness, and how you can apply this knowledge to create a peak habit in any particular area of your life

3) How to use the "Window Goals" strategy to make it almost impossible to NOT create the new habit you want

4) My highly coveted "Lockdown" technique; a simple, yet amazingly effective tactic that may save you 10-20+ hours of wasted time each week (like my former student said, you might kick yourself for not thinking of this one yourself)

5) The optimal time of day and week to begin implementing your new habit

6) How to become a well-oiled idea generation and idea execution machine

7) How to overcome the dreaded paralysis of analysis, and discover the best path for you when you're stuck at a fork in the road

And most importantly:

How to tell the difference between the goals and activities that will truly fulfill you deep down versus the ones that society has convinced you that you want.

This class is for you if:

  • you are sick and tired of doing things that you know will not fulfill you in the long run, and are ready to make a change
  • you don’t want to live someone else’s life for the next 50 years
  • you don’t want to go to your grave knowing that the best of what you have to offer the world is still stuck inside you
  • you know you are capable of greatness, but are unclear and frustrated about how to get there

This class is definitely for you if:

  • you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who believe that taking control of your own destiny is essential to your personal fulfillment
  • you want to discuss and discover a grand personal vision for your life in an informal, safe, fun, comfortable setting
  • you want to set inspiring goals for yourself and collaborate with other to achieve them
  • you want to overcome fears that have been holding you back for years of your life and eliminate them forever
  • you want to overcome procrastination and start really living right now
  • you believe that a small group of dedicated people can shatter an outdated status quo and spark the creation of something greater than themselves

If this is you, then you don’t even need to be told what to do next. We’ve been waiting for you.

  • Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

    590 Madison Avenue (Privately owned public space)

    590 Madison Avenue
    New York , NY

    Sat, January 26th, 2013

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

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Jordan Phoenix

Director, Project Free World

Jordan Phoenix has over five years of experience as a social entrepreneur, speaker, and personal development coach. He has an innate ability to communicate complex psychological concepts in simple terms that a 7-year-old could understand. His high-energy, yet easygoing demeanor creates the optimal environment for others to open up and freely discuss their innermost thoughts without feeling judged.

His Start Living personal development group was rated "one of the fastest growing groups in Meetup history" and received press coverage from the New York Observer. He has also been featured in the New York Post, the Times of India, the Social Journal, and MindBodyGreen. Most recently, Jordan has launched Project Free World, an online social innovation platform that aims to provide the proper food, rights, education, and environment to every person on the planet.

Additionally, Jordan does not like following the status quo, unnecessary formalities, or bragging. So, he will stop tooting his own horn and speaking in the third person, and direct you to his testimonials page if you are interested in reading about what clients have had to say about him.

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