Build a Killer Mediacenter and Cancel Your Cable Forever

, Hacktologist at ACE Hackware

Want to get FREE TV, forever? Join us for this LIVE Class in Atlanta, GA!

In this Action Class, you will learn to build a Killer Mediacenter capable of automatically finding, downloading and organizing your favorite TV shows, movies and music from the Internet, allowing you to cancel your expensive cable and satellite subscription services forever.

  • Find, download & stream media throughout your home or office
  • Find great new TV shows, automatically download or record them, and skip commercials without effort
  • Get FREE content on the Internet (including TV, Movies and Music)
  • Watch LIVE TV, including News, Sports, and special programming
  • Pause & resume playback of from every room in your house
  • Control your mediacenter from your smartphone or tablet
  • Stream media to and from your phone or tablet, even away from home
  • Plus, integrate Amazon, Netflix or Hulu for hundreds of thousands of additional shows and movies!

This Class provides step-by-step guidance! Bring along your Windows, Mac or Linux net-top, laptop, netbook or Macbook and follow along as we setup the Killer Mediacenter from scratch!

Get the Original Presentation for FREE!

Download the (NSFW) presentation that inspired this Action Class,"The Hacker's Guide to Dumping Your Cable Provider, For Good" for FREE at, then sign up for the class!


  • Build a Killer Mediacenter and Cancel Your Cable Forever


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Taylor Banks

Hacktologist at ACE Hackware
An expert in information security, Taylor began offering security training at SecureIT in 1999 and found a new passion in providing technical education. As a result, Taylor went on to author and teach dozens of technical and non-technical courses and certification programs on computer, network and information security. Across the past decade, he has trained and mentored dozens of Fortune 500 organizations, as well as members of the FBI, the NSA, the US Army, US Navy, and US Marine Corps. Taylor speaks at a number of national conferences including DEFCON, Outerz0ne, ISACA, ISSA, LayerOne, ShmooCon and Security B-Sides, and previously held a position on the Board with the Metro Atlanta chapter of the ISSA (Information Systems Security Association). Taylor also organizes the Atlanta DEFCON group, DC404, where he gave early versions of this course to over 100 eager attendees, many of whom have saved thousands of dollars since by using these very techniques.
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