Body Language: Transform Your Relationship to Your Body Right Now

Instead of lectures and group therapy, this highly interactive workshop offers thought-provoking games and group activities that show you to stop thinking negatively about your body and transform your relationship with yourself.

Body image issues can affect us in many ways, and no one should have to wrestle with them alone. Whether you have an incessant inner critic or one that only shows up once in a while, why not tell that thing off and banish it for good? Getting past the insecurities -- what ever they may be -- is possible. This course is designed to give you access to feeling empowered and comfortable in your own skin, right now.

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In this class, you will:

  • Learn mental tricks to stop you from staring hatefully at yourself in the mirror
  • Participate in fun activities and exercises you can do alone or with a friend to laugh off your anxiety and start loving yourself again
  • Create your own beauty mantra that will empower you each morning and get you ready for the day
  • Get connected to others through shared experiences with body image issues and we will all have a good laugh at the drama we put ourselves through!

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  • Body Language: Transform Your Relationship to Your Body Right Now


    New York City, NY

    This session will change the way you see your own body! In addition to learning some awesome tools and tricks for outsmarting your inner critic, you will also have a great time laughing and participating in the fun and insightful group activities. Each activity will reveal an aspect of your pysche and demonstrate the best ways to outsmart it when you are feeling the worst about yourself. You will walk away from this class feeling empowered, connected, joyous, and ready to take on whatever the day -- or your inner critic -- serves up next.

    Workshop Format and Activities:

    Four Group Activities:

    1. “Behind Your Back” (15 mins)
    2. “Eye of the Beholder” (15 mins)
    3. “Exaggerated Truths” (30 mins)
    4. “In It to Win It” (20 mins)

    Wrap Up:

    Group Discussion, Final Thoughts (10 mins)

    Workshop running time: 90 mins

    Thu, December 6th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST

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Melissa H.

This Body Language workshop will be lead by Melissa Hanna, the founder of, an interactive comedy experience and workshop series about women's triumphs and struggles with body image issues. Through battling her own body drama, she discovered awesome ways to overcome insecurities that actually work. She found that combining humor and experiential learning can cause major personal breakthroughs in the areas of self confidence and body image. Melissa created the Body Language Workshop to share the experience of laughter, empowerment, and connection with others.

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    New York City, NY

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