Bewilder and Impress Your Friends with Neuroscience Party Tricks

By ·Graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University

Most of us take our sensory and cognitive functions for granted. After all, we have to trust the information we gather through our own senses! But what if they're not as trustworthy as we once believed?

In this class, I will play a set of party tricks on you that will question your relationship with your senses and cognitive functions. The goal of this class is to develop within you a healthy distrust of your own mind and body, and impart a set of amusing tricks that you can play on your friends! All materials/ingredients will be supplied; all you have to bring is your curiosity.

There will be fruit. There may be wine, if enough people sign up. There will not be brains. I mean, there will be brains, but not in jars... And there will not be drugs, because that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

The date and time has been set! Please sign up; I need a certain number of attendees to offset the cost of purchasing supplies - groceries, rubber arms, etc.

ACTS OF THE EVENING: 1) Olfactory System: Your Tongue Is Not For Tasting 2) Auditory System: Don't Cross The Streams! 3) Somatosensory System: Bodily Harm

If you're a student or are unemployed, just show up. I'm serious.

  • Bewilder and Impress Your Friends with Neuroscience Party Tricks


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David Zhou

Graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University
Hi, I'm a Master's student in computational biology at Carnegie Mellon. I studied neuroscience during undergrad at Columbia. Over the course of my education, I've collected a set of party tricks from my professors in a variety of fields within neuroscience, psychology and biology.
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