Becoming A Creative Machine: Lessons From Basquiat & Behance

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Are you a creative person having trouble turning inspiration into solid work? Ever get stuck wading in ideas so deep that you don't get anywhere? If so, this class is for you. 

By taking inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat's approach to painting and Behance Founder Scott Belsky's "Making Ideas Happen", I will teach you how to stop dreaming and start doing.

This class will be both instructional and conversational. It will include:

  • an excerpt of Tamra Davis's "The Radiant Child" to give historical and cultural context for Jean-Michel Basquiat.
  • a brief analysis of Basquiat's approach to painting
  • a roundtable discussion on students' main struggles with being productive
  • productivity tips on how to GET THINGS DONE as a creative person - inspired by Behance's Action Method.

Students will leave this class knowing:

  1. A little background on Jean-Michel Basquiat & his approach to painting
  2. The basics of Behance's Action Method
  3. How to turn their own creative inspiration into productivity and become a prolific creative machine.

Note: Check out my How To Paint Like Basquiat board on Pinterest for inspiration!

  • Becoming A Creative Machine: Lessons From Basquiat & Behance


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Dorian Dargan

Product & Analytics at YouNow

Dorian is what you'd call an "artistpreneur," a creative force with an insatiable hunger for problem solving and making cool things.

These days, he finds himself hustling as Operations Manager at YouNow, a social platform for live video and meeting new friends in a fun, game-like fashion. Before YouNow, his experiences varied from international development and micro-entrepreneurship in Latin-America to investment banking and management consulting. He is convinced that living a creative lifestyle is the only way to go.

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