Become Financially Independent While Keeping Your Full-Time Job

, Marketer, Real Estate Investor & Author

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"I could not recommend this class enough. Best money I ever spent on a skill share class.” -  Shannon M.

"As an independent consultant, my income changes monthly. His class is especially interesting for freelancers/independents who want to understand one way to have a more predictable stream of income." - Ashley T. 

“Great class!  I learned a lot about steps I can take to virtually guarantee passive income in the coming years.  Highly recommend.” - Katy M.

"Simply put his class provided CLEAR and REALISTIC advice that I can and will use NOW." - Russell J.B. 

"I've always been discouraged by investing classes, as they always make it sound like you need tons of money to start, but Joe shows that it really doesn't take a lot of money to start." - Julie A.

“In two hours I got way more than I expected - ACTIONABLE information. The realistic and useful information kept swirling in my brain and had me so excited I wanted to get started right way. I couldn't get to sleep that night." - Mojisola S. 

"The bottom line is that I've never felt more empowered to take immediate action with my investments than I did after learning from Joe. He's an incredible mentor, and I highly recommend his class to anyone." - GianCarlo P.

"He gets down to all of the specifics, provides you with concrete tools and steps you can take, and is even willing to mentor you as you work towards your own financial independence. Couldn't recommend highly enough. ” Eileen G. 

"Joe's friendly and open and great - I feel like he just wants everyone else to get in on the secret which will let you - with a little investment capital - USE YOUR TIME HOW YOU WANT TO. If you're passionate about your time and want a kick in the ass to get more savvy about real estate investment, this is your class." - Lori W. 

"His approach to investing is a no-nonsense, sensible and effective way for anyone to get into the field." - Devin Q. 

"Joe, I want to thank you for teaching a truly phenomenal class! Although I was somewhat skeptical at first, in 2 hours you proved to me that real estate is the best investment I could ever make. You showed me a shortcut to success if I just find the right mentors. More than anything else however, you inspired me to realize that money is just a means to help me live the life of my dreams. Thank you!" - Shir A., Master Teacher 


If money were no object, how would you spend your free time?

This class will teach you how to build steady streams of income so you can retire faster and spend your time doing whatever you want. And, you can do it all while keeping your full-time job. 

Regardless of how much money you have now, I’ll give you a clear, simple, step-by-step plan for how to get started immediately after you leave my class. 

You can do it. Anyone can do it. You just need to learn how. 

Here's just some of what you'll learn: 

  • The five things all successful investors do (this might change how you think about investing)  
  • The top five reasons why I (and you should) invest in real estate 
  • How to build YOUR step-by-step plan to become financially independent 
  • How I only spend about 10 minutes (or less) a month on the properties I own 
  • A look at all the numbers, in detail, for how I bought each my properties and how much cash they make me a month 
  • Creative ways I have financed properties so I used as little of my money as possible  
  • How I bought a place for cash, got all my money back, kept the house and it's now making me $400+ a month 
  • Challenges I've come across over the five years I've been investing and solutions for each challenge
  • A way to go from 1 to 3 properties much faster than I did

Still on the fence? Please read my endorsements from students who have taken the class and see what they are saying. 

-- 110% Money Back Guarantee-- I'm very confident that you'll find the material valuable. However, if you don't find this information valuable and decide to leave, you can have a full refund for the class plus $10. (p.s. I've taught this class to over 200 students and have never been asked to give a refund). 

After this class, I recommend my other one:

  • Become Financially Independent While Keeping Full-Time Job


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Joe Fairless

Marketer, Real Estate Investor & Author

I’m successfully doing everything I’m teaching. I’m a New Yorker (transplant from Texas) who realized that real estate is a great investment for short- and long-term financial growth but had to overcome the challenge of living in the high-priced real estate market of NYC.

I currently have 4 single family home investment properties and have a system in place so I spend minimal time on the business on monthly basis. My next purchase will be an apartment complex. I’m passionate about helping people become financially autonomous and look forward to sharing some insights with you.

Relevant Books I’ve Read: every Rich Dad Poor Dad, Equity Happens, 2 Years to a Million in Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, Investing for Dummies, My Life and 1000 Houses, Commercial Real Estate Investing, etc.

Seminars I’ve Participated In: Rich Dad Poor Dad, private mentoring sessions with Jack Sternberg, NYC Rich Dad group (ongoing), etc.

I’ve gotten personal advice from: Peter Harris author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, Jack Sternberg described as “the nation’s most innovate real estate investor”, Mitch Stephen author of My Life and 1000 Houses, and the “Bawldguy” a leading blog contributor on and owner of Brown & Brown Investment Properties

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