Be a Public Speaking Superstar

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This workshop will include guidelines and a public speaking checklist. For the majority of the class students will build skills with exercises.

Example of an exercise we'll do in class; When preparing to speak ground yourself. Imagine you have heavy boots where you are standing to improve your posture and help control fidgeting.

Students will leave with an understanding of self awareness versus self conscious. Through in class practice (the best way to learn) students will leave with an evaluation of what they need to work on and drills to help resolve issues.

  • Be a Public Speaking Superstar


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Melissa Young

Presentation Guru
Melissa Young has woven together presentation experience and an NYU education in public speaking to develop this class. Students will take advantage of this at the deeply discounted rate of $20 versus hundreds of dollars for the same classes at NYU. With a love for helping people become their best and to “get at the good stuff”, Melissa garnered everyday experience necessary through sales and marketing channels and has gained the much needed skills to understand the needs of individuals seeking presentation knowledge. Her class is structured to help give students competence in presentation.
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