Barefoot Running, First Contact

, Minimalist, Thinking Big.

So, you've read Born to Run. Or you've heard barefoot/minimalist running is all the rage now. Or...

Well, getting started can be tricky, and a little orientation can go a long way. In this introductory workshop we'll get you headed smoothly in the right direction.

The truth is, most people would prefer not to have to think about it, and running tends to attract a "push through it" mindset. But if you you are the kind of person who is curious, and ready to listen to what your feet and sensations are telling you, then running barefoot is an incredible way to learn how to move gracefully and effortlessly.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A practical orientation to the mindset you need in order to successfully transition to running barefoot.
  • Learn how to navigate the differences between regular running shoes, minimalist shoes, hauraches, and bare feet.
  • Learn how to make contact with the ground in a way that avoids injury and gives you maximum sensory feedback for organizing your gait.
  • Discover how to do less in order to achieve more. Run smart, smooth and powerfully, not harder.
  • Do a series of movement lessons that will help you begin to integrate your foot contact into a whole body organization.
  • You will leave with ideas about how you can explore and slowly integrate more barefoot running into your life.

After this introductory workshop you can explore on your own, or join a weekly series of ongoing running form labs.

  • An Introduction to Barefoot Running

    Central Park

    Participants will be notified of location.
    New York, NY

    (Wear loose fitting running clothes, and bring whatever shoes you would normally run in, something minimal like flip flops or minimalist shoes if you have them, and a yoga mat or something to lie on.)

    We will alternate between discussion, movement lessons, and light running.

    Sat, September 8th, 2012

    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

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Chris Moffett

Minimalist, Thinking Big.

Chris is a movement educator and barefoot runner. He is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner, which is a form of movement education based on organic learning principles, and works with athletes, artists, children, and professionals to help them clarify their movement potential and integrate it into their pursuits.

He holds a doctorate in Philosophy and Education, and things incessantly about how we learn best, and how we can learn to engage more dynamically with our urban environments. If he starts talking about Plato and school chairs, just smack him and he'll switch to telling stories of walking the catacombs of Paris barefoot.

He also teaches a course on making custom minimalist sandals, or huaraches. When you can't go barefoot, these are the next best thing, organically molded just to your foot and its movements. The sensation will make you grin.

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Central Park

Participants will b...

New York, NY

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