Attraction Magic & Mind Reading 101: Flirt with Magic!

, Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.

This is a very exclusive class - 10 spots only!

What is Attraction Magic?

Attraction Magic focuses on the flirtatious & seductive qualities of powerful, well thought out Magic & Mind reading effects. These specific effects sparks certain emotional states in people that causes them to see you as a much more attractive and interesting person.

What is the difference between Attraction Magic and Professional Magic? EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Professional magicians and birthday party magicians are there to entertain everyone and bring joy to people all around them. This is a great thing. However, it doesn’t “necessarily” build attraction with the opposite sex when you are in that critical early stages of just meeting them or early in the dating process.

If a person sees you as nothing but an entertainer, they may enjoy you but not be interested in you.

If they sees you as a corny magician they likely will laugh but not be the least bit attracted to you.


Attraction Magic 101 teaches you the right effects to use at the right times without overdoing it, seeming cheesy or looking rehearsed. These types of effects look spontaneous & amazing. Attraction magic uses the fundamental elements of flirtation & sexual psychology and fuses that with impromptu close-up magic & mind reading effects.

The Mind reading effects are the most important part of this course, because they can cause a person to feel “ emotionally connected” with you on a much more deeper level than physical attraction.

Attraction Magic 101 teaches you effects that are not too over the top or too showy. Each effect taught uses borrowed items or no props at all which mean you are always ready to go in any situation or environment!

In this 2 hour class you will learn many mind blowing effects that are sure to knock women off their feet!

Some effects include:

Make a borrowed quarter bend right in her hand with the power of your mind.

Instantly know the initials of the women's name or name of a loved one without ever asking her any questions.

Make her drinking straw fly out of her drink with out ever touching her glass.

The person thinks of any playing card in the deck only to find out it was predicted by you before the effect even started!

These are only a few of the many amazing miracles you will learn in Attraction Magic 101... Sign up now!

Men & Women welcome!
  • Attraction Magic & Mind Reading 101: Flirt with Magic!

    Kinokuniya Book Store ( upstairs cafe)

    1073 6th Avenue
    Manhattan , NY

    Thu, August 30th, 2012

    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

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Emran Riaz

Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.

With over 15 years experience in the Magical arts including, Sleight of hand, Mentalism (mind reading techniques), Illusions & Hypnosis Emran also know as "Em" is here to offer to the Skill Share community his fine tuned knowledge in Magic! In the Magic community Em is known as a creative thinker and inventor. Em has already released many Instructional DVD's on the art of Magic and has created over 50 original Magic effects that Top Magicians have added to their own repertoire! With this being said Em is very well suited to be your instructor in the Magic arts. Em will train you to perform miracles with normal everyday objects such as coins playing cards & business cards, napkins, rubber bands, borrowed item and much more. Em specializes in close up in your face magic that will leave your spectator breathless with amazement!

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