This is an introductory course for learning about Art Direction. Let’s explore the basics of what it means to take an idea and flesh it out into production. We’ll explore and discuss branding, establishing brand guidelines, identifying the look and feel for your brand campaign, and the working within the channels most appropriate for your brand to develop your campaign. Afterward, we’ll discuss best practices for Art Directing within an agency setting for a new campaign or working within a pre-established campaign. 

Note: If you have work to showcase and would like to receive feedback, feel free to bring it in! If time remains, we can discuss as a group areas of your campaign or design that you are looking to improve.  

This class will cover:

  • Branding guidelines (why it’s important to have guidelines)
  • Exploring look and feel (type, image, color, composition)
  • Continuity across channels
  • Managing assets (helps to organize projects)

This class is suitable for designers looking to make their way into the world of Advertising Art Direction. No prior experience is necessary. 

  • Art Direction


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Christopher Ramirez


Christopher Ramirez is an Art Director and Designer who began his career on Madison Avenue. He’s worked for several of New York’s top shops and has worked with clients such as Reebok, Chevron, Chase, General Mills, and Pfizer. He is experienced in all areas of integrated branding and creative strategy. 

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