Arrange a Flower Bouquet Like Martha Stewart

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Students will get an introduction to basic terms, tools and techniques used when arranging simple yet compelling flower bouquets. After teacher demo and short Q&A, the class will open up into a studio session, where students apply learned techniques and begin exploring their hand at creating beautifully, simple flower arrangements, using local deli bought flowers.

Students will leave with a beautiful arrangement that they created and the confidence to create gorgeous flower decorations for their home or business without getting a professional designer to do it for them. Ticket cost, includes flowers and materials.

Bonus: Bring your own scissors!

  • Arrange a Flower Bouquet Like Martha Stewart


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Victoria Monsul

Chief Connector | blogger | linguist

1st startup: At 8 years old, I built a flower stand and sold an assortment of bouquets on the street corner, where I grew up to passer-byers.

Summer Apprenticeship with Bella Chagall, Creative Director of Fleurs Bella) in 2009 (Marc Chagall's granddaughter)

I have a deep passion for flowers and plants and would like to own my own flower shop one day, hopefully very soon!
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