Are you living up to your creative potential?

, Founder of CHD Collective

Are there times when you wonder if you are living up to our potential, especially creatively?
Those in the creative field (and other fields as well) often struggle with themselves in wondering if they are "good", or "good enough", or how much they should charge (if you offer a service), who they should market to (or talk to), and when they should do free work. At the end of the day it has a lot to do with self-value and vulnerability.
The answer comes just as easily as if you were doing researching for a project, or even determining if you should buy a new car–you have to study the market, assess your value, and then determine and decide how to move forward...the answer may be closer than you think.

Chanelle Henry

Founder of CHD Collective

I love studying people and their interactions with technology and each other. I guess I'm a professional stalker of sorts. When I'm not running a consultant company, I'm taking pictures, making beef jerky and exploring the art of craft beer. 

I own a company called CHD Collective (a boutique collaborative multimedia agency). Our focus is to enhance user experience through storytelling, design, multimedia and research. We work with startups, digital agencies, small to medium sized companies, and business & technology consultants looking to enhance (or develop) their brand and the brands of their clients. 

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