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"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

Warhol was born the poor, sickly son of a steelworker but was able to create an estate that was valued at over $700 Mil at the time of his death in 1987. He broke into the art world by relentlessly focussing on the mundane but it was his obsession with culture, people, and money that made him a household name.

His success was magnified by his introduction of a new business model to one of history's oldest professions, portrait painting. From there broke into new markets by founding a film studio, starting a magazine, producing a tv show, managing a band, and lecturing around the world (kind of).

Equal parts business and art history, this class will look at Warhol's rise to fame, his fascination with money, and the business practices he used to become one of the most successful people of his time.
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Rusty Meadows

Manager of @Tattly
I became interested in the business side of Warhol's work while interviewing some of the most influential people in the artist's life. I conducted one-on-one interviews with Gerard Malanga (taught Warhol how to screen print and printed all of the artist's most famous works), David Dalton (introduced Warhol to the screen printing process), Vincent Fremont (ran Andy Warhol Enterprises), and many others.

I have a degrees in Art History and Business from the College of William & Mary where I wrote my thesis "Appropriating from the World of Business, Andy Warhol's Key to Success".

I have also co-curated the exhibition "Deeply Superficial: Andy Warhol's Voyuerism" which investigated the artist's fascination of people. And curated the exhibition "Nat Finkelstein: Factory Photographer".
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