3 Social Hacks to Boost Your Awesomeness

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In this class, you will learn 3 cool "hacks" that not only anyone can learn, but will also help develop a fun social life and a better lifestyle.

Hack #1: The Bar. How to get superior service (even when it's busy), get hookups, skip the line and meet people with ease.

Hack #2: Book your social calendar in 10 weeks. How to be "in the know" as to what's going on tonight and what do you need to do to meet people whenever you want.

Hack #3: Meet people during the day. Forget the clubs, what can you do to meet at least 1 new potential a day?

After this class, you'll be able to work on and apply these hacks right away. No special skills required. Just an open mind and a willingness to try!

  • 3 Social Hacks to Boost Your Awesomeness


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As Founder of The Professional Wingman, we have helped over 200 individuals from all over the world live better dating and social lives through personal development and lifestyle strategy.
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