Knife Skills: Slicing Through the Basics

, Founder, Radiant Health NYC

Solid knife skills are the foundation for speed in the kitchen.  They can be the mortar for the house you call "dinner at my place."  With a little dose of confidence, a pinch of good form and a sharp knife, making dinner won't take you three hours! 

Through this hands-on class at the West Elm Market store in Dumbo, Brooklyn you will not only feel at ease yeilding a knife through a head of cabbage, but you will walk away after eating a meal made from the fruits of your labor.  You will also no longer wrestle with a butternut squash or loathe slicing an onion.   You will mince madly, dice with dignity, and learn to make matchsticks.  You will also:

  • Get tips on purchasing a proper knife.
  • Learn to use a sharpening stone to sharpen a knife.
  • Understand which knife to use for the right job.
  • Receive one-on-one support on form and technique.
  • Take home a packet of instructions and tips covered in class plus extras to support you further.

So stop spending hours making dinner and don't go through another box of Bandaids.   Get over the fears, have your questions answered, and start building solid knife skills for years to come.  

Bonus!!   You also need to come ready to eat!  We will be snacking and enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal made from the fruits of your labor.  

Please view the syllabus for how to prepare for class!

Whether you only pick up a knife to butter your bread or you need support on form and technique, you will get something out of this class. Each student will be provided with an apron, and their own work station. Please come prepared to stand for the majority of the class in comfortable, close toed shoes. Chairs can certainly be provided, if you need a break. You also need to come ready to eat! We will be snacking and enjoying a delicious vegetarian meal made from the fruits of your labor.
  • Knife Skills: Slicing Through the Basics


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Nancy Campbell

Founder, Radiant Health NYC

Nancy combines her community development background with her decade of professional culinary experience in her business Radiant Health NYC ( She bridges her passion for building stronger communities through teaching the integration of health, wellness, and life-long culinary skills. 

Having made her own dietary transition over the course of the last seven years, she knows what it's like to not have the time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen and still want amazing food every night.   So, with a low budget and a vegetarian tendency, she took her years of prepping in professional kitchens into her own.  The result has found her supporting others to find their empowerment in the kitchen. 

Nancy is currently a masters candidate of Nutrition and Integrated Health at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and she has a Master's of City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute. She supports clients to build culinary skills and fine tune their pantries for successful dietary shifts.  She also teaches seasonal cooking classes and a monthly cooking class to senior citizens who are learning knife skills all over again.  They are a reminder that you are never too old of a dog to learn a few new tricks!

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