Urban Typography: Graffiti as an Art Form

, CEO at Nameless New York

Students of this class will come to attain a deeper level of understanding of the Graffiti Art Movement of the 1980's in NYC, and where the movement stands now. This will be done through the use of clips from several documentaries and films on the topic.

Students in class can chose to embrace the Art by partaking in the aided selection of a "Tag." Once a "Tag" has been decided upon, students will learn the basics of "Graffiti Writing" including techniques known as 'throw-ups,' 'Burners,' and 'Pieces.' Students will create their very own customized drawing of their new typographical persona, and leave with the knowledge and insight on how to explore its possibilities.

Students will observe live spray painting in a demonstration by the instructor as they draw their own pieces, and will have one-on-one coaching on their drawings from an expert(s).

In our second session, students will learn how to spray paint exclusively on our wall at Decor Art Gallery. (Please bring your own spray paint!)

Students should have an positive interest in Society, and should want to make the world a better place. Students should be selfless in relation to the Art they will create and the places their Art may come to live in. All students should come prepared with their own "Black Book" (any sketch book with lots of space will suffice) and their own writing implements (pencils and markers are enough). OPTIONAL : Movies to watch before coming to class: Style Wars (1983) Beat Street (1984) Wild Style (1984) Bomb It! (2007) Exit Through the Gift Shop (2009)
  • Intro to Urban Typography: Graffiti as an Art Form

    Decor Art Gallery

    555 3rd Avenue
    New York, NY

    30-60 Minutes of conversational viewing of Documentaries and Films on the topic

    20-30 Minutes Demonstation/Lecture on "Style."

    30-60 Minutes of application of new knowledge through drawing

    At times, Guest Speakers and Active Artists may or may not be present as well, yet, as most graffiti artists pride themselves on elusiveness, no appearance is scheduled.

    Sun, September 9th, 2012

    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT

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  • Exploring Urban Typography Mediums: Spray Painting and More

    Decor Art Gallery

    555 3rd Avenue
    New York, NY


    30-45 minute Lecture/Demonstration of "Exterior" mediums of expression, including:


    60-90 Minutes of Application of the new knowledge.

    For the duration of this segment, I will teach you how to manipulate spray paint to depict your own creations, will discuss how to install exterior work, and cover all other unknowns in the process called Graffiti.


    TBD - TBD

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Fabian Verdejo

CEO at Nameless New York

Fabian Verdejo is a New York City native with extensive training in the Visual Arts. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, NY, Verdejo went on to study Realist Drawing and Painting at The Grand Central Academy of Art, NY, NY, and later at The Florence Academy of Art, Göteborg, Sweden. Having been an active graffiti artist throughout his academic career, Verdejo has left his mark in roughly 20 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, and even at The New York City Graffiti Hall of Fame at 106th Street and Park Avenue, NY, NY.

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