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There is an entire world of art in New York City's subway system.

The Art Underground is a NYC Subway Art crawl where you will learn about ten of the artists that have participated in the NYC Arts for Transit program. The "crawl" is a unique experience to see art in a completely new environment, away from the structured and traditional space a museum provides. The sights and sounds of New York provide a backdrop to a wonderful art crawl that feels like you are in an urban art history class.

The focus of the class is to explore how we perceive art in this new underground environment, as well as learning the stories behind the works we will visit.

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Ruddy Harootian

Spain Travel Expert, NYC Connoisseur

Ruddy Was Here is a website dedicated to sharing trends on art's and culture, primarily in New York City.

Ruddy Harootian works as a Spain Travel Expert at a boutique travel company in NYC. His photography has been featured in FotoDC's Discover series and AFAR magazine. Using mobile media and video are also important tools in sharing tips about food, culture, and street art in the city.

The Art Underground has been written about in The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Curbed, and AM New York.

You can follow Ruddy Was Here on facebook, and twitter.

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