Sketchnotes, Infographics and Graphic Facilitation for Beginners!

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Sketchnotes are a visual form of note-taking that can include drawings, various lettering sizes and styles, color, icons, arrows, boxes and more — whatever works for you. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a creative genius to do it. It’s called Sketchnoting, not Art School!

This class is meant for beginners, so no background in art, design, among others, is needed. Just bring your passion for creation! If you would like a more advanced class, check out this class happenning in the same month. We will be listening to RadioLab WNYC as our source material for sketchnote practice.

We will work on the basics of sketchnoting, such as:

  • Loosening up
  • Creating a repertoire of characters
  • Words words words
  • The basics of layout
  • Conquering the big white page

What do you need to bring besides your awesome self?

  • Sketchbook [preferably 8x11]
  • Pencils [mechanical suggested, but not required]
  • Eraser [white gum]
  • Alexis will be bringing the charcoal, newsprint paper, reams of printer paper and crayons.

As in all pariSoma CoLearning classes, snacks and beverages will be provided!

  • Sketchnotes, Infographics and Graphic Facilitation for Beginners!


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An open incubator where ideas meet execution

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