Letterpress: From digital files to printing ink onto paper.

, Collaborative Printmaker, Printer.

This class will cover printing custom digital artwork from photo-sensitive plates on a 1933 Vandercook Number 4 Proofing Press. Old meets new! If you're interested in what letterpress can do in the modern age, and want to get your feet wet, this is the class for you.

Photopolymer plates are a novel way to transfer images or text from a computer file directly to a plate that can be mounted on a letterpress bed, inked up, and pressed into paper.

The press you'll be using is a Vandercook number 4, Circa 1933 (pictured at link below with boxcar base and a plate carrying an image by Drew Friedman):

Vandercook #4 with Boxcar base

• Simple digital-to-plate processes will be used to produce relief plates for use in letterpress.

• Each student will learn how to process their own plate from a negative film of artwork they provide, up to 10X15.

•Students will learn how to operate the Vandercook Number 4 Flatbed Letterpress and produce their own edition of prints.

•Each student will leave the class with up to 5 prints from their artwork or design, and also a plate which they produced themselves (a 93 dollar value!) which can be re-used to print many many more prints. If you learn how to make these plates on your own, <em>you can save yourself a lot of money and open up new possibilities.</em>

• After taking the course, students are welcomed and authorized to return to Haven Press and produce their own editions independently in exchange for press-rental fees.
This is a gateway course to the use of the facilities here, even if you've never done any kind of printing before. You will learn how to make prints, have fun, and enjoy the process.

Come learn what letterpress is capable of, and while you're at it, check out our other workshops for other neat printmaking and bookbinding related stuff!

Requirements: You will be required to submit your artwork via email at least 4 days prior to the workshop, or you will pay a rush fee of 45.00 in addition to the workshop fees. This submission is so that your artwork can be turned into a film prior to the workshop. 

Artwork parameters will be provided once you sign up for the course- simply email [email protected] and he will tell you how to format your art and typography, and what you can expect from letterpress plates if you have questions about what to do (which you probably will).

You should understand principles of design or have a clear understanding of either Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or both. You will need to submit artwork from one of these programs no less than 7 days prior to the workshop so that your artwork may be output as a film by our service bureau PRIOR to the workshop.
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Mark Herschede

Collaborative Printmaker, Printer.

Mark Herschede is a collaborative Printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. He's been teaching printmaking workshops at Haven Press for the last year, and printing collaborative printmaking and commercial printing jobs professionally for 6 years. 

He founded Haven Press in 2008;  he relocated the shop in 2011 in order to pursue his intent to generate interest in printmaking and help introduce people to the medium by turning the shop into a printmaking cooperative.

The goal of the cooperative is to create a community for printmaking artists- a central hub for people to use for production of their own ideas. He finds great satisfaction in this pursuit.

You can read a bit about mark on coolhunting, visit his tumblr, tweet/retweet him @havenpress, and like Haven Press on Facebook. He would love to hear from you if you are a talented artist or designer with a passion for print.

The Workshop is located at 49 Frost Street, in Brooklyn, NY.

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