Intro to Drawing

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Engage yourself in both advancing and challenging your drawing skills by exploring a variety of drawing styles and strategies: figurative, abstract, conceptual and beyond. Develop a greater sense of the possibilities of self-exploration through the thrill and immediacy of the act of drawing.

We'll start off with simple but fundamental exercises in seeing & drawing, then gradually introduce more contemporaneous drawing themes. The aim of the class is to show that the act of drawing and the exploration and expression of the individual author of that act can unfold in many ways. We will cover a variety of drawing approaches throughout history by way of books, slides, videos and in class practice. Students will receive notifications of shows to see in the city in regards to relevant drawing themes. Expect to draw both in class and at home, to discuss your work and the work of your peers. Geared for beginners but open to students of all skill levels.

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  • Intro to Drawing


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Learn and Make Things
Yotam Zohar is an international artist who specializes in figurative painting and drawing. During his academic training Yotam studied Classical painting technique in Europe, and has since concentrated on exploring the relationships between painting and other disciplines, very nearly becoming an art forger. His work has been exhibited and published in the Midwest, and hangs in private and public collections across the United States and in Europe. He has taught and lectured on painting, drawing, film, photography, as well as on relevant techniques, theory, and history, and the intersections of each. He continues to work as a painter, graphic artist, and writer.
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