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Have you ever wanted to write a film? Have an idea for a feature or short, or maybe even a documentary. Not sure how to start or even how to structure it? Or are you just looking for a 'shot in the arm' to finally finish that dream project of yours?

This springboard class will get you excited about writing in images and will leave you with concrete ways of fleshing out your film ideas.

But how can we do that in only one evening you ask? Yes, it's ambitious, but here's my plan:

First, we'll set you up with the basics: how to format a screenplay, choose your tools, set up a writers 'nook' for yourself.

Then we'll discuss the 'conventions' of screenwriting, using popular films to discuss fundamentals like three act structure, characterization, plot, dialogue, etc.

But we live in exciting times, where films and television shows break the rules constantly. So we'll then progress to more advanced alternative choices to give you a taste of how far you can bend screenplay conventions depending on your intended audience.

You'll leave ready to begin your project or enthused to continue on with what you've been already pursuing.

Again, our time will be short, which means a couple of things. First, I will contact you before the class begins to determine your needs and interests and tailor the class to them. Second, my goal will be to ignite your self-reliance - at the end of the course I'll leave you with a roadmap of suggested resources (films, books, websites), as a kind of curriculum to direct your own future development as you work to get better at your craft.

Feel free to email me if you're interested so that I can start to schedule the class or if have any questions or concerns. Remember, I want to tailor this around your needs.

In the meantime, you can visit my blog to learn more about my teaching methods and myself.

  • Intro to Screenwriting - Cincinnati


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Kasem Kharsa

Screenwriter & Director
I have an eclectic background as a design engineer and now as a screenwriter-director. I have used these techniques in team brainstorming sessions as well as in my writing.

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