Documentary Film Bootcamp: Produce a Documentary from Scratch!

, Director, Owner Jamie Moffett Media Design

Have you ever had an idea for a documentary film but didn't know where to start? Award winning documentary film maker Jamie Moffett will teach you how to make it happen, from start to finish. We'll go over everything from the philosophy and idea generation to filming and post production.

We will conclude this course with a hands on workshop where you can receive expert advice on your idea.

This will be a four-week course, meeting over the following topics on the date/times listed below. Each class will run for approximately 2 hours, always leaving time for Q&A.

Class 1: Pre-production & Philosophy
Wednesday, February 15th, 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Topics include idea generation, research, financing, and pitching.

Class 2: Production & Filming
Wednesday, February 22nd, 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Topics include thinking through the budget, balancing practical and artistic considerations, and interview techniques.

Class 3: Post-production & Editing
Wednesday, February 29th, 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Topics include editing, getting your film ready for distribution, and exhibitions.

Class 4: Workshop & Pitch Day
Wednesday, March 7th, 6:30pm - 8:15pm
You will have the opportunity to pitch your project and receive feedback.

Each class (except for the Workshop) will include a lecture, interactive component, and time for Q&A.

  • Documentary Film Bootcamp: Produce a Documentary from Scratch!


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Jamie Moffett

Director, Owner Jamie Moffett Media Design

Jamie Moffett is an American independent motion picture director and producer.

He is a graduate of Eastern University, majoring in Communications with a concentration on Theatre Sound Design; nominated for a Barrymore Award in that field. He co-founded the non-profit organization The Simple Way, and formed the indie film company Jamie Moffett Media Design and Production in 2005. In 2008 he directed the feature documentary The Ordinary Radicals, recognized by eight film festivals, including the Garden State Film Festival, Crossroads Film Festival, ION Film Festival in Dubai, and the Acolade Film Awards. He directed the Another World is Possible! three volume DVD series along with countless music videos and short films.

Moffett’s latest feature film, Return to El Salvador, is narrated by Emmy Award winner Martin Sheen and endorsed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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