shoe making zero zero one - THE Intro #001

, designer/shoe maker @ kstar shoes

This class is a theoretical class on footwear structure, resources for materials, measuring your feet, and a sketching/gathering inpsiration session. Get inspired and design your shoes-. 1.5 hours. After this class, you will be so motivated to create your designs, and to gather materials for them for the next "Pattern Making Class"

  • shoe making zero zero one -Introduction #001


    Coming soon...

    * student & teacher intro

    * measure feet

    * learn components of shoes and language

    * sketch your designs

    * review material and retailer list to see what you need to purchase for your designs

    please bring: pencil and notebook/paper.


    Coming Soon...

Keiko H

designer/shoe maker @ kstar shoes

Daniel from Rickardguy will be teaching a class at the Brooklyn Shoe Space together with Keiko from kstar shoes.

Daniel has learned the trade by experience in shoe repair shops, to taking workshops with various teachers. His line rickardguy has moccasins that are beautifully hand crafted. He has been a traveling teacher giving workshops on the west coast. Here we are hosting Daniel in his home ground, Brooklyn.

Keiko has also learned the trade through taking various workshops with great teachers. She now holds classes at the Brooklyn Shoe Space and has her own line kstar shoes.

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