You Don't Have To Dress Up To Dress Well: Men's Basics for Fall

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Class Project

Put Together an Outfit for Fall Comprised Primarily of Basics

About the Class

"Understated garments… are tasteful. That’s why I love menswear. It’s the subtle details that set a quality garment apart. The fit. The fabrication. The feel. What a piece looks like on the inside. Those are the things that matter." - Menswear designer Eunice Lee

Whether your job doesn't require you to don a suit, or you're simply dressing for a weekend afternoon - this class is all about dressing casually with basics, with a particular focus on the Fall/Autumn season. Think t-shirts, knits, sweaters, jeans, and casual trousers. Oddly enough, it's the simple garments that most men get so wrong. A guy in a sweater and jeans can look far better than most guys wearing $1,000 suits. This class will show you how to be that guy. 

We'll go over:

  • The single most important thing in purchasing and wearing men's clothing (especially basics)  - The fit
  • Why simplicity works so well
  • The staples every guy ought to have at least one of in his Fall wardrobe 
  • Footwear for Fall
  • Which parts of your Fall wardrobe you can be thrifty on, and what's worth investing in
  • Tips on where to shop
  • Why it's important to find a good tailor

You'll take what you've learned and put together an outfit for Fall comprised primarily of basics.

How you do this is up to you - you can put together an outfit in real life and take a photo, sketch an outfit on paper if you're artistically inclined, curate an outfit from pieces you found online, or even just share a photo that you think is a great example of an outfit based on basics. Along with the photo/illustration, you'll provide a brief description of why the outfit works well.

You're encouraged to collaborate with other students in the class! 


The student with the best outfit & explanation will receive a gift card to either J.Crew or Mr. Porter to take what they've learned and add some new basics to their Fall wardrobe.

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Level: Beginner

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About the Teacher

Akaash Achreja

Akaash Achreja

Community Development at Skillshare

Akaash is a menswear enthusiast (with a particular predilection for men's footwear).  He works on Community Development at Skillshare and is the company's resident men's style expert, ...

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