Step Your Game Up! An Introduction to Sneakers

, Hustlin' Harvard Student

Sneaker culture is all around us: from Hip-Hop lyrics to skateboarding to SoHo boutiques, NYC is the sneaker capital of the world and a haven for sneaker collectors.

In this class we'll review the basic history of sneakers, beginning with hip-hop roots and prevalence on the streets and basketball courts of NYC. Air Jordans, Air Force Ones and Nike Skateboarding sneakers, some of the most sought-after and collectible styles, will be our focus.

We will then discuss contemporary sneaker culture: the events, stores, and personalities that are defining footwear trends. From Air Yeezy's to AF1's, you'll walk away form this class with a new found appreciation for New Yorkers waiting in line for days to buy a rare pair of sneakers.

To help apply these new concepts, we will identify some of NYC's most famous sneaker boutiques as well as discuss tips for finding awesome rare sneakers and deals.

Class Prep: Bring all the curious questions and experiences you've had with sneakers to share with the class!

Extra Credit: Wear your favorite sneakers!

  • Step Your Game Up! An Introduction to Sneakers


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Peter Boyce

Hustlin' Harvard Student

Peter is a recovering sneaker addict. With over 90 pairs of sneakers, attending countless sneaker events, and an appearance on MTV to share his love of rare kicks, you could say he has navigated the NYC sneaker circuit.

An avid Nike Collector, he has pairs of sneakers dating back to 2003 (that he's never worn), a pair of sneakers worth over $1,000, and two hand-designed custom sneakers made by a renowned sneaker artist.

Take a peek at his collection here.
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