Shave like Cary Grant (and save money on expensive blade refills)

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In this class, I'm going to walk you through how to get a perfect shave without spending $2-$3 each on expensive "Mach 3" replacement cartridges.

The Razor
I'll show you the types of razors to buy. The best one costs only $41 and you'll be able to give it to your son or grandson.

Replacement blades
Forget $2-$3 each. I'll show you how to buy replacement blades for 25 cents each.

The brush
I'll tell you what badger hair brush to buy and show you exactly how to use it.

The shaving cream
This is the good stuff, not the crap that comes in a tall can with a plastic cap. We're talking real, quality stuff that's good for your skin.

I'll show you the method to shave with this new arsenal of tools. It's not like your current morning routine with your Mach 17. It's just as fast but gives you a much better shave with less irritation.

  • Shave like Cary Grant (and save money on expensive blade refills)


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Clay Hebert

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I've discarded my canned Edge shave gel and my Mach 17 razor. Now I shave like Cary Grant did and spend a lot less money doing it and enjoy the entire process a lot more.
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