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The classic straight razor shave is often lauded as the ultimate in manly indulgence. For most, this type of pampering is saved for trips to the barbershop. For some, we're able to treat ourselves to the finest shave possible in the comfort of our own home. A proper shave with a straight razor is the smoothest, least-irritating way to remove facial hair. It takes the right tools, know how and practice. This class will let any guy interested in trying a straight razor shave a chance to do just that.

I'll bring along a sterilized, shave-ready razor for each participant to use for the class. (Sorry, you'll have to give it back.) I'll also bring along plenty of other supplies to make the class informative and fun. This is going to be a very hands-on lesson.

We'll cover everything you'll need to know to safely "complete" your first straight razor shave and keep your razor - and face! - in good condition. We'll cover the tools you need, how to maintain your gear, how to prepare for the shave, and of course, exactly how to shave. The class should get you comfortable enough to decide if you're interested in investing in the necessary supplies and continuing to shave with a straight razor.

QUICK DISCLAIMER: If you use my razor, you will be responsible for what happens with it. That includes cutting yourself and/or breaking the razor. Nicks/cuts are your responsibility, and I can't stress enough the importance of being extremely careful. If you break the razor, you'll have to pay for it. (I'll tell you how much the razor was when I hand it over, but most we're ~$50.) If everyone's careful and pays attention, we probably won't have anything worse than a little razor burn.

What we'll cover:


It takes more than a straight razor to get a great shave. I'll discuss what you'll need, and explain what to look for in a quality razor, brush, strop, and hones. Plus, we'll spend time on soaps and cremes, aftershaves, styptic, balms, and splashes, and I'll talk about some of the other fancy stuff out there.


A well-maintained razor can last generations. Besides safekeeping, there are a few skills you'll need to know to keep the razor sharp and shaving. Everyone will get a chance to strop and hone a razor - both essential skills for any straight razor owner and shaver. I'll also discuss general maintenance of all your tools.


Prepping for a straight razor shave is more involved than rubbing some canned goop on your face. I'll demonstrate creating rich lather with a boar/badger hair brush from soap or creams, and everyone can choose one for their shave. If you bring a brush, you can whip your own. If not, I'll make some lather for you to apply by hand.

The Shave

This is what you came for, right? I'll demonstrate how to shave with a straight razor: how to pull and tighten the skin, hold the razor, determine the direction of your hair growth, and actually shave. I'll cover shaving with-, across- and against- the grain, and I'll discuss touchups and facial hair trimming. Everyone will get a chance to try to shave themselves, too. Afterwards we can talk about post-shave products, skin care and razor maintenance. We'll probably have to talk about cleaning small nicks and razor burn.

I hope this class will get you interested in straight razor shaving, and give you enough information to go forward. To make the class as productive and enjoyable as possible, all participants will need to bring along some supplies of their own.

You'll need:
-2 hand towels.
-The same razor you normally use. I highly doubt anyone will shave their entire face during the lesson. Bring your normal razor to finish up so you don't look weird.
-A styptic pencil for any nicks. (Found in most drugstores for about $2.)
-A small, freestanding mirror. (Depending on the venue you might not need it.)
-A beard.

Optional supplies you may want to bring:
-A shaving brush and mug or small bowl. The $10 brush found at many drugstores should be fine.
-Your normal shaving cream and aftershave lotion/balm/splash.
-Bandaids. Just in case. :)
-Your current straight razor and strop. Please don't go buying a razor/strop for the class.
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