Learn Magic & Mind Reading: A guide to amazing anyone..anywhere..anytime!

, Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.

  • Imagine for a moment having the ability to make objects vanish and reappear at will!
  • Ask a random stranger to think of a 3 digit number from 100-1000. Then in an instant tell them exactly what number they are thinking of.
  • Have a person pick and sign any card from a borrowed deck of playing cards. Snap your fingers and make the signed card reappear folded in your mouth!

This class will train you to amaze people,




Learn Magic And Mind Reading For Social Gatherings, was featured in The New York Times! Feel free to check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/LearnMagic

The Modus Operandi:

Em will instruct his students in the art of Close up Magic & Mind reading techniques which can be performed on the spot, virtually impromptu anytime, anywhere!

All the effects you will learn pack small but play BIG, meaning minimal pocket space is needed if any at all. 

Remember this is not your ordinary kiddie magic class! This style of trickery is specifically developed for adults for use in adult environments.

Em has hand picked many magic and mind reading effects that can be performed in virtually and social scene such as:

  • Bars & Lounges ( quiet or noisy)
  • Clubs
  • House parties
  • Dinner parties
  • or just hanging out with your friends..

Students will learn miracles with playing cards, coins, a paper and a pen, keys, business card and much much more! Learn how to amaze and astonish people with items that can be borrowed from your spectator.

  • Imagine walking into a bar and getting free drinks from the bartender because you made a a straw MELT with your mind!                        
  • Ask somone to think of the first name of a person that is close to them. You hold their arm and feel their pulse and slowly reveal each letter in the person's name they are thinking of!

These are only 2 of the many miracles you will learn during your class!

Since classes are held in public spaces they are subject to moving of location and or day changes. Please confirm your enrollment and get updated info by emailing me at [email protected] & or calling me at 646.772.5391


Remember, this a 90 minutes class!

What to bring:

  1. Students are required to some sort of recording device to take notes. Iphone, blackberry, droid ect.  This makes the learning process much easier!
  2. A relaxed and chill state of mind ready to learn and absorb all the awesomeness I am going to teach!

At the end of my class you will be able to walk into any social scene and totally blow people away with amazement. I try to teach my students magic that will leave their spectators with a lasting emotional impact that they will remember for years to come!

Hope to see you soon!


  • Learn Magic & Mind Reading: A guide to amazing people..anywhere..anyplace..anytime!

    Amity Hall Bar ( Downstairs)

    80 West 3rd Street (Between Sullivan & Thompson)
    New York, NY

    Sat, September 15th, 2012

    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

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Emran Riaz

Alternative Magician & Mind Reader.
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