Interior Styling: Style Your Space like a Pro

, Designer / Stylist / Author

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About the Class

Have you ever walked into someone's home and wondered how it looks so effortlessly chic? In this class you'll learn the key tips and tricks for upgrading your home without investing a ton of money. 

What You'll Learn

  • Intro to Interior Styling. The eight principles of interior styling and ten tips for photographing interiors.
  • Floral + Coffee Table Styling.  Floral styling guide and creating visual coffee table arrangements
  • Sofa and Console/Credenza Styling. Where pillows and patterns interesect to create visual harmony.
  • Bookshelf Styling. Arrange interesting objects on your shelves to create a home for more than just books.
  • Bed Styling. Nail the best porportions of pillows, patterns, sheets and color blocks.

What You'll Make

We'll examine styled images and learn what works and why it works. We'll also cover general things to think about before starting a styling project. By the end of this class you will redesign your interiors like a professional and have a series of stunning "Before" and "After" pictures to show it.

The class will also include expert interior photography tips from Laure Joliet. Laure has shot interiors for the New York TimesSunset Magazine, and has worked with Justina for Anthology Magazine. Her tips will be especially helpful for bloggers and decorators to take interior photography to the next level.

More Information

Level: Beginner

School: Fashion & Style

Related Subjects: Photographic Composition, Interior Design, Styling, Decorating, Home & Garden

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Class Project

Professionally style 5 key areas of your home

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About the Teacher

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney

Designer / Stylist / Author

I'm Justina Blakeney - a design maniac with a bohemian heart obsessed with color, the jungle, travel, creative reuse and thrifting. Upon graduation from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures ...

96% Positive Reviews

Flora McGill

Flora McGill

love justina's style. i've already got a good eye so i wasn't sure if i'd get much out of this class, but i've found it to be very useful and i keep referring to it for my decorative ...

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