From Timex to Rolex: An Intro to Watches, Movements & Buying

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Ever wondered why a Rolex costs 100 times as much as a Timex? Trying to buy a watch for your boyfriend or dad or sister but have no idea where to start?  Need a primer on basic watch terminology and concepts? Intimidated by all those big shiny timepieces worn by all your Wall Street colleagues and need a quick Watch 101? Well, this class is for you!
In this Skillshare Style Semester class, I'll be giving a hands-on introduction to watches, movements, and watch buying. By the end of the class, you'll know:
  • What's the difference between a quartz watch and an automatic watch?
  • What makes a watch a dress watch or a "sports" watch?
  • Watch vocabulary
  • The meaning of "Swiss Made"
  • Brand overview
  • Basic watch care
  • Resources for learning more about watches
I'll be bringing some watches of my own to pass around, and there will also be Q&A time at the end where you can ask me for personal watch advice. Also feel free to bring in watches of your own that you may have questions about. You'll walk away from this class with an understanding of how to approach the watch-buying process and maybe impress that managing director wearing a Patek Philippe!
If you have any specific questions or topics in advance of the class, please feel free to leave a comment in the discussion section, and I'll do my best do cover them!
If you read this course description before August 1, take the opportunity to visit Lincoln Center to view Christian Marclay's brilliant "meditation on time" titled The Clock. "Marclay's film incorporates thousands of movie clips that reference each minute of the day, for an entire day," and on the weekends the video installation runs 24 hours a day.
  • From Timex to Rolex: An Intro to Watches, Movements & Buying

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Mark Chou

Strategic Development @ Ralph Lauren Digital
Mark has been a watch aficionado for nearly two decades, starting with his elementary school days browsing Service Merchandise catalogs. Throughout the course of the past 15 years, he's owned everything from Timex Triathlons to vintage Swiss models, as well as up-and-coming American boutique brands. Mark realized he had a knack for giving watch advice when one of his investment banking interviews turned into a crash course on watch buying for the interviewer. Before long, he began blogging about watches, especially on brands and models that give you the best bang for your buck.
Mark graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, but that's only really relevant because it helped him get a job with a salary to support his watch habit. He also regularly helps spend other people's money when they come to him for watch-buying advice. Mark is currently a VC in New York City and loves watches and sweet tea. (But not watches in sweet tea).
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