Eye Make Up Essentials : From Subtle to Sultry

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Class Project

Create your own subtle daytime eye and sultry nighttime eye

About the Class

Ever wanted to know how to create the perfect look at home? By the end of class, you'll confidently apply your eye makeup to both naturally enhance your day-to-day beauty and create stunning nighttime looks.

We'll have video lectures and demonstrations, share resources and suggested shopping lists, and even offer your feedback on your own eye makeup techniques. You'll take what you've learned and photograph yourself wearing both a daytime eye and a nighttime eye that you've created yourself for feedback from the class!

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • apply a simple daytime eye for work
  • bump it up for the evening
  • and of course, the smokey eye that everyone wants to master


More Information

Level: Beginner

School: Fashion

Related Subjects: Blending, Beauty, Make Up, Product Application, Eye Liner

At a Glance

  • Non-Membership Class
  • 2 Video Lessons (12m)
  • 4.4K Students
  • 93% Positive Reviews (92)
  • Self-Paced Online Class
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Professional — Paris

For more than 25 years, MAKE UP FOR EVER has been the go-to color brand for beauty professionals and make up enthusiasts around the world.Lijha Stewart, PRO and Media EducatorLijha joi...

93% Positive Reviews

Lezly Bustamante

Lezly Bustamante

I loved this class! It was definitely worth my money. It got straight to the point and was very informative. The best part is that I will have access to this information and videos for...

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