You (think) you have THE next $1B dollar idea, now what?

If you feel like you have a great idea that you would like to turn into a business, but aren't sure where to start then this class will provide you with a practical guide how to.

Even if you have already started, but you feel like you are not making sufficient progress, this guide will help you to analyze what might be wrong.

And even without an idea, you are most welcome! ;-)

Topics covered: - From idea to company - The co-Founder issue - Getting Funded - Recruiting - When to build your Board - When to quit

I will cover each topic with a presentation, but I prefer the class to be an interactive Q&A, discussion, opinion-sharing, and story-swapping session.

Geert DeBecker

Geert DeBecker is an experienced “online entrepreneur”, or E-ntrepreneur. He has been a partner and co-founder of 4 Internet companies so far. As a native Belgian, he is one of Europe’s Internet pioneers: in the mid-90's he was a part of the first pan-European ISP, EUnet, which was sold to Qwest Commuciations in 1998. He then moved into venture capital territory and created NEo Associates, an venture coaching company, to assist early stage technology companies with both experienced business coaching and fundraising. Next he founded, an online auction company for professional car traders across Europe. It was awarded for being the best ICT company Belgium in 2006. Since 2010, he is based in Manhattan (NYC), and currently works on an several exciting projects. Next to his own projects, he is active as a business coach for technology entrepreneurs and startups.

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