Win at Social Media in a Startup Without Losing All Your Time

, Community Director @ Greatist

There's no doubt that a strong social media presence is good for your startup. Never before have businesses had such an amazing opportunity to have a two-way conversation with users, readers, and/or adoring fans. This task could easly take a round-the-clock team of social media ninjas, but for most startups, that's just not practical. 

The social media space is a tough one to stay on top of, and new networks are popping up and becoming insanely popular (hello, Pinterest) all of the time. In this class, I'll share my experiences with being the sole social media manager in a quickly growing media startup — and only spending 25% of my time on it. 

Using my experiences and classic social media #winning examples, we'll discuss:

  • Best practices when sharing and engaging with Facebook fans
  • How to identify and make BFFs with your adoring fans on Twitter
  • Why you need to get on Pinterest now, and how to use it effectively
  • Creating a social media voice for your brand
  • Providing value to the folks who care about what you have to say
Come with questions — I'll do my best to answer anything I can. 

Kelli Kerkman

Community Director @ Greatist

I'm  the Community Director at Greatist, a quickly growing health and fitness resource. In less than a year, I've navigated Greatist to 50,000+ Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and newsletter subscribers. Working on Pinterest now-- and we're half way there!

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