What Crowdfunding could mean for your startup

, Founder of Crowdfunder.com

TheGlint will be hosting a talk by Chance Barnett, the co-founder and CEO of Crowdfunder, a platform that enables U.S. businesses to raise equity and revenue-based financing online for the first time, given the recent passage of the JOBS Act. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • When will this be possible? 
  • Who is crowdfunding good for, and not good for? 
  • What are the pros and cons to raising money via crowdfunding?
  • How will it work?

Join and discuss what crowdfunding might mean for you with crowdfunder CEO Chance Barnett. 

Crowdfunder CEO on How Crowdfunding will impact the tech industry:


Crowdfunder infographic: (when can you crowdfund your startup?)


This will be a 30 minute talk, Q&A, and networking.  

Chance Barnett

Founder of Crowdfunder.com

Chance Barnett is the Co-Founder and CEO of crowdfunder (www.crowdfunder.com), a platform that enables U.S. businesses to raise equity and revenue-based financing. crowdfunder will, for the first time, allow startups and small businesses, to raise equity-based investment online.

 Chance is a respected entrepreneur in the field of startups, product development, internet marketing, technology, and bootstrapping, and early stage fundraising. Highlights of his accomplishments include: bootstrapping businesses that sell over $25 million in products annually; starting multiple online companies with active subscriber bases in the millions; architecture and leadership of 5 large scale software development projects, and creating high-scale advertising and customer acquisition communications seen by over 850 million users.

 He is a published best-selling Author & Speaker in the area of Personal Development & Entrepreneurship. He extends that role into mentoring and counseling many new businesses and Internet company founders in Southern California. Chance plays a central role in fostering mutually beneficial relationships in the Los Angeles start-up community as the founder of NetPositive, an invite-only network of Technology and Media entrepreneurs.

 Chance is a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics. He lives in Venice, California where he is an Advisor or Board Member to a select group of socially conscious businesses and early stage startups.

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