Using Kickstarter to Launch Your Product

, President at Coffee Joulies

Are you considering using Kickstarter as a shortcut to get your creative product to market? In this class I will explain the process I took with Coffee Joulies from start to finish. I'll be covering the following topics: Reasons to choose (and not choose) Kickstarter as a platform for your project. How to know when you are ready to use Kickstarter. Choosing goals and tiers by examining the data available on from other successful and unsuccessful projects. Making a compelling proposition in your video. Promoting your project before and during your Kickstarter funding period. What to expect after your project ends. Completing your project and delivering your rewards.

The class will be taught with open Q and A during the lecture so you get the most out of it. Bring your project ideas and lots of questions! I will also offer my continuing help after the class to anyone launching their project or for further questions.

The goal of this course is to explain the process I used to set up my Kickstarter project and to pass along the unexpected learning experiences I've had after launching my product and company using Kickstarter. Obviously, I do not have a guaranteed recipe for making your product or project successful on Kickstarter, or estimating how much money you could raise.

Dave Petrillo

President at Coffee Joulies

My experience with Kickstarter came when I invented and launched Coffee Joulies with my business partner in April 2011. Coffee Joulies raised $306,944 from 4,800 people in 57 different countries. After Kickstarter, Coffee Joulies became my full time job. It took 8 months to deliver all of the rewards promised and was a much different experience than I originally expected.

After Kickstarter I have been running Coffee Joulies as a successful and profitable boot strapped start up for a little over a year. In 2011, Coffee Joulies won the Shopify Build a Business grand prize for most revenue generated of any newly created store. Coffee Joulies continues to be my full time gig as we grow online sales and choose distribution paths for our product.

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