Understanding Thinking Preferences

, I help startups gracefully scale human systems

The distinction between the left and right brain is familiar to most of us. The left brain is logical and concerned with reason while the right brain is creative and concerned with relationships. There’s another brain dichotomy, however, that’s less familiar: top versus bottom.

The bottom part of our brain is known as the limbic system. This is the oldest part of our brain and evolved at a time when our primary concern was survival and reacting quickly to our environment (think fight/flight instincts). Thinking that happens here tends to be very operational. The top part of our brain, the cerebral cortex, is more evolved. Thinking that happens in this part of the brain tends to be more strategic.

This class will teach you how understanding your thinking preferences can help you manage your team, communicate better, sell more, and even improve your pitch to investors.

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  • Understanding Thinking Preferences


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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems

I help NY startups gracefully scale their human systems.

I've been creating innovative videostools, and content in the field of organization development for years and recently my thoughts on organization structure have been featured in Fast Company and Inc.

Over the 15 years I've been practicing my craft I've worked with organizations you're familiar with (e.g., Pfizer, the UN) and some you'll be familiar with soon (e.g., SumAll, Urtak). I help established brands and startups alike think about culture and organization structures to ensure they work flawlesly at scale. Learn more about me at JoaquinRoca.com.

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