The Secret To Setting Entrepreneurial Goals That Stick

, Never ever stop. Founder of Colipera

Testimonials from previous students:

Bassam taught a great class. He had a great mix of inspiration and practical tips. - Georges Janin; Start Up Head Hunter; Teacher of "The Art of the Cold Call"

If you are contemplating completing any task or goal in life, you should take this class! Bassam has weaved together a group of honest and very useful truths we all need to be reminded of as we try to conquer our goals, may they be large feats or small tasks. - Kiersten Lindelef; Doctor of Chiropractic

Bassam is a great teacher! I really like his presentation style, which is interactive, engaging, full of interesting anecdotes, and infused with a lot of humor. - Shir Moscovitz; Founder: Shir Consulting

So you can't figure out where you or your business is going. You can't come up with a plan of what to do first, when do it and how. You have a hundred ideas but you're not sure where to start.

Does this sound like you?

This class will help you focus on the simple things that can change your entreprenurial life. You'll learn how things like the fear of success, the friends you keep, perfectionism, busy work, over thinking and lack of social accountability are large hurdles holding you and your company back.

You'll learn how mini goals, mindsets, habits, less analysis, closing the circle and action triggers can help you tremendously. Most importantly, you'll learn that you can't trust your conscious brain.

By the time you walk out the door of the class, you'll know what your next steps are.

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  • Completing The Circle


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Bassam Tarazi

Never ever stop. Founder of Colipera
At the age of 31, Bassam Tarazi has been to 41 countries, holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree and a Green MBA. He is also a LEED AP, a certified Carbon Reduction Manager and Director of Operations of a Construction Management firm in NYC. Tarazi is co-founder of the tremendously successful Nomading Film Festival aimed at travelers, and recently launched his own motivational framework, called Colipera. Colipera leverages on the idea that peers publicly stating their goals to each other is more likely to inspire action among the whole group than tackling a goal individually would. Through all of these demands, he's constantly learned how to balance a busy life while keeping his audacious yet realistic goals within reach. @bassamtarazi @noffnyc
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