The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Brand

, Writer & Stylist

This class is designed for creative entrepreneurs who have a product to sell and are ready to create a brand — a look, personality and voice — that shoppers will relate to, remember, and come back to again and again. (And again!) 

We'll spend 45 minutes reviewing the basics of creating a brand people love, followed by 45 minutes of getting our hands dirty with each other's brands — brainstorming new ideas and acting as a built-in focus group for feedback on existing ones. Because sometimes we just need a roomful of creative people to inspire our next big move. 

We'll start by helping you define your...

  • Business goals
  • Brand values 
  • Story
  • Audience

And learn how to turn that into a meaningful... 

  • Name
  • Identity (logo) 
  • Communications plan  
  • Brand filter 

///// After selling out, I opened up a few more spots so everyone can make it. Hope to see you! /////

  • The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Brand


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Janette Crawford

Writer & Stylist

Janette is communications director at Storenvy, the world's only online store builder and marketplace in one, overseeing the company's brand voice through site content, social media and more. Before that, she spent four years as a copywriter and account manager at Willoughby Design, a leading brand design studio in Kansas City, Mo. 

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