The Art of the Night Hustle - Founding a start-up with a day job

, biz dev by day, entrepreneur by night

Want to found a start-up while keeping your day job? If so, this course is for you.

In this class I’ll teach how to productively use your free time at night to start a company. The class will cover broad concepts such as:

-The sacrifices this entails (factors to consider related to friends, family, and your love life)
-Important considerations related to your day job (ensuring you get the right approvals, understanding the risks)
-Managing your time (things like accomplishing many tasks in parallel, what networking events make sense to go, communicating with your team)

The format of the class will be a 60 minute lecture followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

DISCOUNT: Through April 30th, the first 5 people to register will get $5 off their tickets by using the discount code “HUSTLE”. Enjoy!

Jonathan Lehr

biz dev by day, entrepreneur by night

I currently work in Technology Business Development for a bulge bracket investment bank. I am also the CEO/co-founder of Luv@FirstTweet, the first Twitter dating service to match you with similar people based on mutual interests mentioned in your tweets. I started Luv@FirstTweet while maintaining my day job, and this course will teach about how to manage your time and what skills are important to learn in order to success in the art of the "night hustle."

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