The Art of the Night Hustle - Founding a start-up with a day job

, biz dev by day, entrepreneur by night

Want to found a start-up while keeping your day job? If so, this course is for you.

In this class I’ll teach how to productively use your free time at night to start a company. The class will cover broad concepts such as:

-The sacrifices this entails (factors to consider related to friends, family, and your love life)
-Important considerations related to your day job (ensuring you get the right approvals, understanding the risks)
-Managing your time (things like accomplishing many tasks in parallel, what networking events make sense to go, communicating with your team)

The format of the class will be a 60 minute lecture followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

DISCOUNT: Through April 30th, the first 5 people to register will get $5 off their tickets by using the discount code “HUSTLE”. Enjoy!

Jonathan Lehr

biz dev by day, entrepreneur by night

In January 2012 I launched the NY Enterprise Technology Meetup (NYETM) and have quickly grown the group to over 800 members and have hosted 7 successful meetups featuring 28 company demos and hundreds of people in attendance (info as of 8/1/12).  Check out the group if you're interested in enterprise technology at and our website at

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