The Art of the Close

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“Georges class was excellent! I've implemented a number of the techniques that were discussed in class and am already seeing an improvement in sales. ” Katherine G.

“The ROI on this class is so high that you will leave with a feeling that you just pulled a fast one on Georges. Worth every penny and more ...” Vadim B. 


Fact: if you don’t close the sale, you got nothin’. Unfortunately, your landlord doesn’t take “learning experiences” for rent money :)


So there you are, you have had a few great meetings with your prospective client. You guys totally clicked, you’ve even shared a few jokes, and things are looking rosy. Sounds like its time to.......drumroll............close the sale!

Oh s**it. Now what?

How can you get them to sign on the dotted line, all while not being too aggressive, unpleasant or sleazy? If these questions throw you off, then you might be missing out on potential sales and revenue.

The problem is that you probably think that to close a sale, you’ll need to show up in a cowboy outfit ready for the Showdown at the OK Corral. Make sure yer’ six-shooter is loaded!

Or not.

I want to turn you into a closer in my class. Not into some corporate shark, but rather into a sophisticated psychologist who knows how to guide people to exactly to where you want them. Someone who exudes confidence, and with whom people will be thrilled to sign with. You shouldn’t spend hours in meetings and presentations, only to see all your work squandered because you didn’t close.


In my class you will


  • Set up the building blocks so that closing doesn’t even appear like a “thing”.


  • Create a level of urgency needed to push somebody to action even if there is no obvious urgency.


  • Set up a negotiation framework to get the offer you want without going into used car salesman mode.


Closing should be a time of celebration, not awkwardness. I’ll help you get there.


  • The Art of the Close

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